mass1 [ mæs ] noun ***
▸ 1 large quantity/number
▸ 2 something without clear shape
▸ 3 large number of people
▸ 4 religious ceremony
▸ 5 scientific use
1. ) count a large quantity or number:
mass of: We need to turn this mass of evidence into a coherent argument.
There's a mass of competing anti-virus programs you can choose from.
a ) be a mass of to be covered in or full of something:
She had fallen down the stairs and her body was a mass of bruises.
b ) masses plural mass of MAINLY BRITISH INFORMAL a lot:
Masses of people attended the meeting.
2. ) count a lump or amount of a substance that does not have a clear or definite shape:
The vegetables had turned into a sticky mass at the bottom of the pan.
mass of: All that was left of the car was a mass of twisted metal.
a mass of dark cloud
3. ) singular a large crowd of people:
a seething mass (=moving in all directions): a seething mass of protesters
mass of: A mass of people followed the procession.
a ) the mass of something the majority of something:
The mass of the population could not afford such goods.
b ) the masses plural ordinary people who are not rich or famous. This word usually shows that you think ordinary people are not important or intelligent:
It is entertainment that will appeal to the masses.
4. ) mass or Mass count or uncount the main religious ceremony of the Roman Catholic church:
They go to mass every Sunday.
a ) count a piece of music written for some of the prayers in the mass:
Bach's Mass in B Minor
5. ) uncount SCIENCE the amount of MATTER (=physical substance) that something contains
mass 2 [ mæs ] adjective only before noun **
involving or affecting a large number of people:
weapons of mass destruction
the problem of mass unemployment
mass 3 [ mæs ] verb intransitive
to come together to form a large group:
Troops are massing along the southern border.
a. transitive to bring people together to form a large group:
More than 5,000 police were massed within two days.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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